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[pct-l] Mile 637 McIvers Spring, Mile 663 Spanish Neddle Creek

Mile 637: I was here 5/24/02
As you approach Mc Ivers Spring you are on a dirt road. I missed the trail to the left and ended up at Mc Ivers Spring. This was OK because it was not far from the turn-off and it was on level ground. The spring is running well from a pipe. 
Also, there is a cabin with a wood stove and a mattress. Looked like a good place for those who prefer to sleep inside. 
 Mile 663: I was here 5/25/02. There are several listings for water in this area. Only one is worthy of such listing as the others have water but are too muddy. The best one is "Spring fed stream" at mile 665. It is the stream that is clear and has a forceful flow. Get water there. 
The last 12 miles before KM were seriously burned 2 years ago. It is dreary walking through all the charred trees and the trail is in bad condition because of erosion dumping rocks on it.
I reached Kennedy meadows  early on 5/26 before the KM store opened. Had breakfast at the next facility then hitch hiked on Bakersfield, Greyhound to Berkeley for a few days of R&R. I was doing 30 or so miles per day.
Because of the snow in the high Sierras I plan to continue north of I-80 (Tahoe) and return to the Sierra's after Burning man, ie early September.

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