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[pct-l] Canebrake

I just finished a trail project in Rockhouse basin and talked to some thr=
ough riders of conditions. Water wasn't a problem but grazing is minimal.=
 Water is on at Walker campground. The water supply at Joshua Tree spring=
 was rehabbed by a PCTA/BCHC project in April and is good but watch out f=
or the resident bear as he doesn't give up the search for food. The Urani=
um in the water as I have it is not a issue for infrequent users but migh=
t be a problem for year round use. Besides wouldn't be great to glow in t=
he dark and never need a flashlight. Water is just a trickle at Spanish N=
eedles Creek and Chimney Creek campground is open. Don't know about Fox M=
ill spring but of course the Kern is running although much lower than nor=

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