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[pct-l] Canebrake Road water

I have been thinking about hiking in section G next week -
perhaps working from a base camp at Canebrake Road.
the water situation in section G
is very dicey this year, presumably despite the major storm just clearing
and a chance of showers over Memorial Day weekend -
and in any event the natural water at Canebrake Road contains uranium,
which bothers the BLM but not the Wilderness Press authors.
I was wondering: is there any organized water caching known to be
going on around there?     Is it needed? 

I could try to deposit some gallon jugs on May 30
after the Memorial Day crowds have gone home (so that more will be left 
for through hikers).   Water for 
100 through hikers at a measly one quart each is
more than I could probably fit in my car, though.