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[pct-l] Amigo's cache on the hat creek rim.


como estas compadres?

yeah...as blisterfree remembers, that cache has been
there since 2000, and i'll be stocking it in 2002.  my
plan is to build some montrous cache like paul and pat
miller have done down near anza.  he's got 80 gallons
in his...and i'll be shooting for something near that.
 i'll be building it in june sometime.  

while i'd like to guarantee it, it's located in a
place of high traffic, and not necessarily the hiking
sort.  there are many hanggliders floating nearby, as
well as the occasional motorcyclist that carries a
pocketknife.  if anywhere on the trail someone would
like to be cruel (like steal the ice chest they did in
2000, or slice a hole in all the water)...northern
california would be it.  

and regarding blisterfrees comment, i urge you all to
join the ZEBRA club.  it's the Zainy Evergreen Bronco
Riding Association where you find a funky tree you
think looks like a buckin bronco, set your camera's
timer (photo's by others are not allowed unless you
dont have a timer), and then you must race to the
tree, climb it, and pretend to ride it until the flash
goes off.  email me for the compilation.  as so far,
we only have 4 members.  

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