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[pct-l] Alternatives to sticky border crossings

Seems like for southbounders who are not US citizens, it would be very wise
to start their hike at an official point of entry in Washington, then
proceed to the Pacific Northwest Trail route (it's not a real trail in lots
of places) which crosses the eastern Pasayten and meets the PCT a few miles
south of Mon 78.    Similarly for northbounders... in either case the
eight miles from Manning to Mon 78 and back 
can be done later as a dayhike, with no wilderness border
crossing, for completeness if desired.     
With new real or alleged threats of terrorism,
and real and alleged incompetence in the existing immigration and law 
enforcement hierarchies, expect no slack from the authorities, nor any
movement on their part to solve hikers' problems.
Even better (for fast northbounders) would be to take the Pacific Northwest
Trail east from south of Mon 78 to Glacier Park, 
which is closer to the real Pacific Crest anyway, I think.

A really different (though arduous) outing is to hike along the border clearcut
for many miles.     I found a journal entry at Mon 78 from a party that had
done that under the auspices of the official Boundary Commission.     Mon 78
to Mon 82 might be interesting that way - there are regular trails north and
south from Mon 82.