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[pct-l] Intro & questions

I have also done the South Bound PCT from Manning Park to Stevens Pass and
North Bound, the whole State of Washington.

Regarding Ice Axe: The only section which could give any problems is on the
Goat Rocks below Old Snowy. I wouldn't carry an ice axe, but I would be
careful in that short section. If necessary, I would go up over the top
rather than risk an icy snow field. In 2000 there was snow everywhere, so I
had a rather dicey traverse across; in a previous year, I could walk around
the section.

Regarding trail signs: There are crossings where you wish there were
absolutely clear signs. I have walked a few miles hoping I took the right
path until seeing the PCT emblem.  And at Rainy Pass, you need to know to
walk past the parking lot, go across the highway, and then down to the trail
on the left (from North to South). Like most of the PCT, you need to stay
alert. The most well worn trail may not always be the PCT.

Weather: we are still experiencing cool weather up here. By August it should
be fine, but be prepared for cold and rain.

The Washington section has some of the finest scenery of the trip. It also
has some of the most extreme ups and downs (except for the section just
North of Tuolumne Meadows). Take your time and enjoy it.

Marshall Karon
Portland, OR
(503) 232-5271
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>   Hi folks. Found out about this list over at BackpackingLight and thought
> it would be a great list to get info from.
>  My names Pete, I live in Vancouver Canada and do lots of day hiking and
> weekend trips around here including many in Manning Park.
>  A friend and I are planning to do the Washington section of the PCT
> starting the second week in August.
>  I have a few questions that I hope some of you could answer.
>  1. What are the lowest temperatures I should plan for (mostly thinking
> sleeping bag warmth)?
>  2. Should I plan on bringing an ice axe (is it necessary so late in the
> season). Some people are telling me yes and others say I would'nt need
> one?!?
>  3. We are planning on going north-south and wondering how well the trail
> is marked at trail intersections (we have the guide book with trail
> description going south - north and can probably just work it backwords
> but I can see myself getting screwed up that way)?
>    Thanks in advance and good luck to all the through hikers setting out
> soon!
>   Cheers
>  pete
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