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[pct-l] Intro & questions

  Hi folks. Found out about this list over at BackpackingLight and thought
it would be a great list to get info from.
 My names Pete, I live in Vancouver Canada and do lots of day hiking and
weekend trips around here including many in Manning Park.
 A friend and I are planning to do the Washington section of the PCT
starting the second week in August.
 I have a few questions that I hope some of you could answer.

 1. What are the lowest temperatures I should plan for (mostly thinking
sleeping bag warmth)?
 2. Should I plan on bringing an ice axe (is it necessary so late in the
season). Some people are telling me yes and others say I would'nt need
 3. We are planning on going north-south and wondering how well the trail
is marked at trail intersections (we have the guide book with trail
description going south - north and can probably just work it backwords
but I can see myself getting screwed up that way)?

   Thanks in advance and good luck to all the through hikers setting out