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[pct-l] Intro & questions

Hey Pete,
I did a southbound hike from Manning Park last year, starting July 19.  The
weather was mostly pretty warm except during a few cold rainstorms.  I used
a 20 degree down bag and could have gone lighter.  You won't need an ice axe
that late in the season, and any lingering snow will be packed down by the
northbounders you will meet in mid August.  The trail is well marked, but
you will still need the guide.  The maps are necessary, and you may have to
refer to the text periodically for planning camps, water, etc.  It takes a
little getting used to reading backwards, but it's doable.  I'm currently
finishing my memoirs from last summer and will be adding a wealth of
information on the trail from Manning Park to Northern California to my
website.  I'll post to the list when I upload.  Happy to respond to any
specific queries,
Happy trails, Tom
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