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[pct-l] Re: New On-Trail List?

At 10:14 AM 4/11/02, you wrote:
>FYI,  If you folks want to start a low traffic "PCT-news", moderated list-
>let me know.   I'll just need someone to moderate the thing (assuming Brick
>doesn't want the extra workload).
>I'm just starting to experiment with something similar for the AT-L.
>- Ryan

Hi Ryan,

I'd be interested. I've been thinking for a while about starting something 
like this, just running off my e-mail client due to the very low volume. My 
original thinking was to actually set up 5 separate lists, organized 
geographically, so that content could be highly targeted, perhaps with a 
maximum of 10-12 messages per region per week. The target audience would be 
people who are actually hiking. The moderator could also cull tidbits from 
the PCT-L which are relevant and pass them on. I think what people are 
looking for here is for someone to strain out the junk and condense the 
important stuff to its' bare essentials.

Comments welcome. On-list or off.


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