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[pct-l] Re: New On-Trail List?

Be careful with the information that you get while on the trail. Sometimes
you'll wish you hadn't listened to the provided information.

We had a section hiker in 2000 inform us that Seldon Pass was clear of snow
and a breeze to get over. Wrong! There were 3 trails up to the pass on south
side. All of them wereburied in snow most of the time.

Even the Forest Service posted signs saying that a bridge was washed out and
that we should detour around the area on forest roads. We went forward along
the trail and found that other hikers had already bridged the creek with
timbers from the bridge. Even without the bridge, the creek wasn't as bad as
many of the creeks we forded in the sierra.

Hike your own hike. Listen to what others tell you, then decide if you
believe it. We wished we hadn't believed most of the trail condition
information we heard while on the trail.