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[pct-l] Re: New On-Trail List?

FYI,  If you folks want to start a low traffic "PCT-news", moderated list-
let me know.   I'll just need someone to moderate the thing (assuming Brick
doesn't want the extra workload).

I'm just starting to experiment with something similar for the AT-L.

- Ryan

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> Be careful with the information that you get while on the trail. Sometimes
> you'll wish you hadn't listened to the provided information.
> We had a section hiker in 2000 inform us that Seldon Pass was clear of
> and a breeze to get over. Wrong! There were 3 trails up to the pass on
> side. All of them wereburied in snow most of the time.
> Even the Forest Service posted signs saying that a bridge was washed out
> that we should detour around the area on forest roads. We went forward
> the trail and found that other hikers had already bridged the creek with
> timbers from the bridge. Even without the bridge, the creek wasn't as bad
> many of the creeks we forded in the sierra.
> Hike your own hike. Listen to what others tell you, then decide if you
> believe it. We wished we hadn't believed most of the trail condition
> information we heard while on the trail.
> Ken
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