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[pct-l] A New Venture


I'm Larry  from northern Wi. This will be my initial posting so bear
with me.

I retired a year ago an have been looking forward to this experience for
about five years.  This PCT trip will be a whole new experience.  Almost
all of my back country experience has been in the Boundary Water Canoe
Wilderness.  I'm counting on that experience to help, although, I know
this is a whole new ball game.  But, it's a challenge I must attempt -
DO!  (At 57 I need to do more than just golf all summer!)

This ultra light traveling is very interesting.  I'm trying to get close
to it.  My base weight is good except for my tent. (I do not feel I'm
ready for this tarp thing).  I have a North Face Arches tent and
expected to use it, but I'm now wondering if I should look at something
lighter?  The the last item to buy is my pack.  So far I'm looking at
the Osprey Aether 60, Mountainsmith Ghost, Gregory Reality, and the
Mountainsmith Auspex. Any ideas on tent or pack?

I'm heading to Royal Gorge for a cross country ski trip today (back 3/2)
and plan on stopping at the PCT headquarters in Sacramento.  Hopefully
I'll get some good info.