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[pct-l] Alcohol Stoves

 Vic hanson will have his work cut out topping Bob Reiss and Roy Robinson in 
stove making. I make a decent stove myself, but am a rookie compared to these 
two masters. ( At kick-off, watch and learn)    MSR stoves???  Maryliz, MSR 
is the most popular stove on most PacificNorthwest peaks and very popular, 
BUT this stove  is overkill for a thru-hiker who can cook for a fraction of 
the weight. Also pumps of these stoves tend to be " Iffy". MSR finally 
redesigned their pump on the Dragonfly as plastic tabs kept breaking off. 
Plastic pumps are their weakness. ( Optimus Nova and Primus multi -fuel are 
much stronger though 2 ozs. heavier) Older MSR pumps had metal pump rod but 
went out the door to cut cost and up profit. Monte