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[pct-l] Hiking Section F

I am contemplating a hike of section F (Tehachapi to Walker Pass) during
my spring break, which is the last nine days of March.  The highest
elevation in that section is under 7000.  I am thinking it might be a
nice place at that time of year, probably snow-free, and probably decent
water supplies.  I am willing to put up with rain, light snow, and a
thin snow cover on the ground.  My llamas are not up to slogging through
deep snow or climbing vertical snow banks.  I don't expect to encounter
such conditions in this section in early spring, but I may be
If you have hiked this section and think that doing this section at this
time of year would be a bad idea for me, please speak up.
Winter conditions in the high desert (Victorville area) are very cold
and very dry.  We have had less than an inch of rain since September. 
Unless a "March Miracle" comes along, we will have a severe drought on
our hands.
Marion Davison