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[pct-l] Still time to apply for your PCT permit from PCTA.org

 $5 isn't much and the Whitney stamp makes a cool souvenir.

I know some thru- hikers didn't bother with a permit. I'll tell my
experience and hope I can save someone some grief.

JMT hikers: we were checked FOUR times in one day before we could get out of
YosemiteNP over Donahue pass. I wouldn't have been so upset if the process
had just taken 30 seconds, but the chatting about pack size, mileage, bear
precautions, campsites, etc.4 times was too much. The last ranger made us
and our Garcia move out of an established (with log seats, fire ring,
stones) site to stealth camp.

All hikers: if you don't get checked in Yosemite you have better Karma than
I do.

I also had to produce the permit at Carson Pass. I whined do I have to get
it out? I was able to find it, otherwise we would still be standing there
looking for it.

The permit deserves its own baggie and pocket so you don't have to look for
it and it's out of the way.

Happy hiking,