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[pct-l] Still time to apply for your PCT permit from PCTA.org

In '97 Bug and I were asked for our permit only once, near White Pass, by a
FS person checking on his trailcrew.  The permit was in the bottom of the
pack. As I dug to find it the crew started giving him crap about hasseling
us- we indeed looked like thru hikers.  Just as I found the permit he
decided he didn't need to see it after all.  In her charming manner Bug
insisted he check the permit as we had carried it this far and no one else
had asked to see it.

We hiked on three occasions with FS personnel and were never asked for the
permit- including Mt Whitney!  Luck or charm?  Maybe concession for hiking
with a 15 year old.

Bob "Bob n Bug" '97