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[pct-l] (Guest Post) Water Treatment - Clorox

I used chlorox bleach this past summer for all water treated on a 39 day
trek of the Colorado Trail. I ened up with a case of giardia at the very
end of the trek. The chlorox treatment may have failed due to either a
poor choice of campspot which resulted in nearly everything I owned
freezing (bleach fails when the water is very cold), or strange mineral
content altering the PH of some streams I drank from as a result of old
mine run off. I didn't get giardia until i was nearly finished with the
hike, and at the begining of the hike I was forced to drink from many
cow contaminated streams, and due to not coming down with giardia sooner
in the hike, I felt bleach worked. I have never had an issue with the
tast of chlorox bleach. However, I'm going to try Aqua Mira for water
treatment on the PCT this year. Aqua Mira and some brief info about
water treatment can be found at www.thru-hiker.com.[/url] Also check out
the giardia fact sheet at the cdc web site:


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