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[pct-l] Re: fuel for two


This depends on how much you cook. My estimate for two people cooking a
quick breakfast and a dinner requiring some cooking is that a standard
[250gm, 400ml] canister will last 4-5 days assuming you do not boil water
for purification. [use a filter]Windscreens make a big difference. We always
used one. For a 21 day JMT with no resupply I would take 5 standard
canisters [2.5 pounds] and a stove [3 ounces] for a total weight with fuel
of about 3 pounds. You will probably have 1 full canister left over but I am
always paranoid that a canister will fail.

In comparing weight with liquid stoves I came up with about the same weight
given the same emergency fuel allowance. It is easy to spill and/or waste
liquid fuel.

Your mileage will vary!


My records show

1- Fuel consumption, 7 cooking days, 3 people: Used up 1 large can with just
a few minutes to spare. Should take one small can as spare.

2- Fuel consumption, 10 cooking days, 6 people: Approximately 3 large cans.

The large cans are from Primus 450gm, 800ml. We use a BakePacker and cook
30-40 min a day. 

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Thank you. I was wondering how many canisters you went through and for how
many people?