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[pct-l] Re: fuel for two

A JMT hike is not a thruhike. I use a butane/propane stove [3 ounces]for a
JMT hike

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Enjoying this thread about stoves and fuel and have not made a final
decision on my thru hike stove for this summer's JMT. I have a pepsi
can/esbit stove but am beginning to question the wisdom of trying to boil
4-6 cups of water at one time. Is it really designed for two people?
Perhaps the Giga is a better way to go. But lately I am increasingly
curious about the new titanium Sierra Zip Stove (with mini fan). No need to
carry fuel..weight ten ounces...maybe no need for even a windscreen! Any
experience or opinions on these two thoughts?

Tokio John

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