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[pct-l] ice axe

Hi everyone,

Well, I've been lurking a few days now. I guess it's time to jump in.
I'm Lady Leaper GAME 2000. I've turned my gaze to the PCT and will
attempt a northbound thru-hike beginning in early May. I've met a few of
you at the PCTA banquet earlier this month. I'm anxious to meet the rest
of you on the trail.

The PCT presents different challenges than the AT. I'm not experienced
in snow hiking and find the impending Sierra snow pack intimidating. I'm
wondering what kind of ice axe to purchase. I'm looking for something
that will do the job without costing me an arm and a leg and is
relatively light weight. And yes, I will be learning a self arrest
technique before I head into the snow. Thanks in advance for any advice
you send my way.

Egads 11 weeks and counting....

Lady Leaper


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