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[pct-l] How long to do initial shopping ??


The first smoke from me burning my bridges is blowing in the wind.

I'm booking my plane ticket in the morning, and will arrive in LA from
Australia on the morning of the 24th April, aiming for a Campo start on the
26th (maybe 27th) and ADZPCTKO on the 27th.  Manning Park some time after
that ...

My schedule is a little tight.  I cannot leave any earlier - as it is I'll
be literally running out of a Laboratory at the University with a pack on my
back late on the 23rd. 

My first question is:
	Can a jet-lagged Australian actually do his initial shopping, then
mail off one resupply and one drift box in a single day in LA ?

I know I could do this here at home in Sydney.  But I can see myself pushing
a trolley about some vast, cavernous supermarket in LA desparately trying to
understand American food items and wondering if I can find the checkout
again :-)  Then working out how the US postal system operates.

Which raises my second question:
	what is ramen ?  
apparently it's edible to US hikers.  I keep seeing mention of it.  

thanks in advance

Phil Preston, 
Artificial Intelligence Research Group, Computer Science and Engineering
University of New South Wales,          Sydney Australia