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[pct-l] Primus multi-fuel

<< there is althoug a new model I havend tested now 
 It's a snow peak perhaps a bit expensive around 200$
 but they say that you do not have to preaheat it!
 Should we belive that, I dont know. >>

A hiker showed me his Snow Peak and it looks like a fine little stove, though 
I haven't tried it.  (Kind of pricey, but you don't have to carry matches.)  
Others who preheat their stoves often carry a little squirt bottle of alcohol 
to do that.

For those who haven't been long on this list, class of '02, at least take a 
look at the available homemade alcohol stoves as an alternative to spending 
your good money and carrying more ounces than you may need to.  

While the CatStove is the best performer and easiest to make (Well, of 
course!  See: "http://royrobinson.homestead.com/Cat_Stove.html"; for building 
instructions), the soda can and photon stoves are also good solutions for the 
long distance hiker.  Any of these alcohol stoves will provide your hot 
dinners for about 2 .8 oz of pack weight (for CatStove, stand, windscreen, 
fuel bottle) plus a pint of fuel (<1 lb) per week.          

I'm sorry that I will miss you all at the ADZ but if any listers are hiking 
the AT this year, I'll be happy to show you my Cat!  Plan to start NOBO from 
Springer Mountain in early April, with the crowd.  (Hey, if anyone is doing 
that right-coast trail this year and wants company, please give me a note