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[pct-l] Primus multi-fuel

You like the Primus it's quite allright (perhaps better then MSR)

>  The MSR pump may be made out of plastic but it is very durable and=20
>  practically unbreakable

I had an MSR Dragonfly for two years then it fall down. (okay it was =
from two and a half meters) and what happend, yes the plastic pump =
broke. That to UNBREAKABLE.

But hey check out the Optimus Nova!!!
It realy is better then the Primus
Multi-fuel, metal-pump and all that stuff.
I purchased one when my MSR broke.

okay it does not run on Butan/Propan.Neither do MSR "multifule-Stoves"

there is althoug a new model I havend tested now=20
It's a snow peak perhaps a bit expensive around 200$
but they say that you do not have to preaheat it!
Should we belive that, I dont know.

Anyone out there who has tested it???

Yours Matti
_ _ _

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