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[pct-l] Snowpeak

Negatory on a perforated windscreen. Simply use a couple of coat hangers to
make a support for a MSR windscreen. 
1-Cut 2 equal lengths of coat hanger wire
2-Wind both around the canister/stove joint, then wrap together, on both
ends,  to make a star.
3-Set MSR windscreen on top of the 4 spokes. [I will have to demonstrate
this at ADZPCTKO, I guess. Shees!]


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Tom said about his Snowpeak canister stove:

>It has performed very well: relaiable, 
>lightweight, easy to use, simmers all 
>night.  I normeally cook one meal a day.  
>At that rate a small 110 gm cannister 
>lasts 7 to 10 days.  

It's definitely lightweight and easy to use, but reliability becomes an
issue if you use a standard solid aluminum wind-screen. 

Canister stoves tend to get really, really hot, and, if you add a wind
screen to mix, you can melt the little plastic thingy that shuts off the
fuel flowing the canister. 

A friend of mine had this happen twice over the course of his thru-hike.
Snowpeak suggests a perforated wind screen, rather than the standard, solid


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