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[pct-l] Lucky Stove user of MSR

<< I never had a failed o-ring. You probably ripped one plugging your fuel 
line in. Easily 
 preventable by lubricating as per instructions. Did you follow the 

Oboy.  Monte may be certifiedly mad, but he is an Engineer in the finest 
tradition.  (You who know him know what I mean.)  He knows his stoves and 
follows instructions.  More importantly (and this is the question that a good 
engineer must ask) will the hiker, hitting camp after 20 hard miles, 
dehydrated, de-electrolyted and just plain tired, always follow instructions? 
<< Unless you scratch the surfaces. Or bend or warp a surface. The nice thing 
 plastic is it doesn 't bend or warp as long as you keep it away from heat....

Plastic parts in a stove cannot be kept away from heat.

<< ...plastic threads crossthreaded and stripped. Metal threads are 
better.... This is so obviously preventable its not even worth mentioning. 
Can you say "operator error"? FYI metal threads strip.

Again, you're tired, hungry and in a hurry.  Plastic threads are less 
forgiving than metal. 
<< Simmering?? ...How early are you talking about? I bought my whisperlight 
in 86 and it simmered 
 very well. My new Dragonfly simmers like a dream.

Simmering is not in a thruhiker's vocabulary.
<< I have no doubt Primus and Optimus are good stoves so is just about any 
 You haven't mentioned how they simmer, though. If a person is competent 
 reads the instructions, works with the stoves limitations and doesn't expect 
 I'm sure just about any stgove will prove to be reliable. But if a person is 
going to do 
 more than boil water MSR stoves are the way to go. You can even bake on 
 Soups, stews no problem. Whole grain rice. Forget that instant junk. 
Anything that 
 requires a low heat. Sauces...
You've given the class of '02 some things to consider before they pack their 
packs, and that is the whole point of this list.