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[pct-l] Non-PCT, disregard if offended!

 I called the Super Bowl perfectly!!! In case you don't know , Super Bowl is 
a fixed game much like the WWF. NFL is a business to make money and sells air 
time. They also need to make sure the Pats brand new stadium which cost 325 
million gets filled next year and those tickets won't be cheap. I said after 
the Patvs. Raider "Fumble Bowl" that the Pats would win super bowl in a " 
Nail Biter" because blow outs are bad for business!! Radio and TV was already 
 quick to tie in the Sept. 11th  with the Patriots and all the red ,white and 
blue colors of paer flying around. I stated two weeks ago Pats would win in 
last few seconds because the game follow a script and is fixed!! ( totally) 
Like the fourth quarter where Pats suddenly forgot how to play defense and 
let the Rams close it up. ( Of course the Rams fumbled and screwed it up, but 
refs filled in the script with a flag that allowed Rams to score. If you 
think the super bowl was not fixed, you must believe that there was only 
Oswald shooting  at JFK. Follow the money trail!! No west coast team will win 
the " Big One" because the east coast pays the bills for the league. ( More 
fans, more money) You will never see a Oakland vs, San Fransico super bowl, 
but you could see a Tampa Bay vs. Jets or Bills game. Raider's coach Gruden 
is going to Tampa Bay and is leaving because he know Raiders won't win in 
this fixed game system. Look for Tampa Bay to Win in the next 2 years.   PS 
Ever notice how a opposing coach covers his mouth when calling in plays?? The 
guy who calls the plays is in a booth up stairs as is the defense coach for 
the other team. ( You don't think they could control the outcome of a game, 
with the help of the refs who have a script in their back pocket??)  Pats won 
super bowl because league knows a 8-8 team would have a hard time filling new 
costly stadium, so league helped them win several in a row to just make 
playoffs. ( NFL is fake football) And if you think is real, it's just 
entertainment and too much money out there for it not to be. I 'm just a 
realist and called the game right down to the " Nail biter Kick"!!!!!