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[pct-l] Changing times on the Trail of death!

   Ah, where have all those Kelty Seracs gone?? The smell of a 5 pound Peter 
Limmer, Fabiano or Rei Chinook boot leather. Tents with enough metal in their 
frames to rebuilt the space needle! Stoves so loud, you needed to walk 50 
yards away to talk.  Now where did I put my " Space food sticks"??Weldon was 
dubbed Well-Done ! ( After 540 desert miles) Remember when fleece was only 
found on sheep or something a ticket scalper did to people buying their 
tickets?? Remember when running shoes were " just for stream crossings and 
town"? Remember when the only water filters were used by " Hippies" and they 
called them " Bongs"? And Fishnet underwear was " State of thee Art"!! And 
Alcohol was packed only for " Monument 78"! And a permit was something you 
got when you were 15y/o to learn to drive! And people all thought thru-hikers 
were lost members of the " Manson Family"!! And Outdoor catalogs looked like 
" Woodstock Brochures". And Power Bars were something used in Nuclear Plants. 
AND Greg ( Strider) could still play basketball!!!! 25 years goes by fast!!! 
Mad Monte PCT77