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[pct-l] dogs on the trail

Matter of time before this one goes around…again.

I have to say that, as a dog lover, I really don’t think dogs belong on the 
trail – or, at least the southern parts.  There are numerous environmental 
reasons, but, for me, I wouldn’t take one for the dog’s sake.  I have seen 
too many dogs suffering from heat exhaustion, and cracked feet.  (You try 
lugging a fur coat through the desert while bare foot…most dogs that are 
natural to the area – coyotes – have light coats and travel at night / 

…even if the dog has been “training” with the owner.  For some reason, dogs 
don’t adjust to the trail lifestyle as well.  Of course, there are always 
exceptions and I am sure that some dogs do the whole trail without any 

Granted, the sections of the PCT I have hiked have been in the South (Campo 
to Big Bear), and a dog would probably do better in the cooler temperatures 
with a little bit of foliage under their feet.

As for the pros – you have a great partner.  Always by your side, never 
complains or argues, with you until the end, etc…

My two cents anyway...


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>This is Moose.  I would like to hear from others who might have taken a dog 
>on the PCT - pro and con.
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