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[pct-l] PCT 2002 Questions-Some answers

In a message dated 1/31/02 11:23:20 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
john@frozenpoodle.com writes:

<< De-natured alcohol: I know Vermillion Valley Resort at Lake Edison, in the 
 middle of the longest roadless area, had gas line antifreeze last summer.

DO stop at VVR rather than Muir Ranch.  You'll meet some nice people there.

<< With fuel, I always like to error on the side of taking too much.  

Amen to that!

<< Water: My thinking is that lots of people every year solve the water 
 so can I.  I know I'm not going to die of dehydration.

No, you will probably not die of dehydration, but if there's anything that 
will make you more uncomfortable (other than drowning in a creek), it's lack 
of water.  If you drink enough water, you will truly enjoy your hike.  If you 
are dehydrated even moderately, you will pay the price.  Even those 
ultralightweight hikers carry the water they need.  (Back me up on this, you 
<<  I think the longest stretch of trail without natural water sources is 26 

Sounds about right.  And that stretch is not in the southern Cal desert.  For 
those just now planning their 2002 hike, please be aware that we're talking 
about the Hat Creek Rim.  
<< I would see Trail Angel stashes as 'extra' water.  I'd hate to be planning 
 it and find it not there.

Once again, amen to that!  All right, it's usually there thanks to a bunch of 
really dedicated Trail Angels.  You can thank them personally by coming to 
the ADZPCTKOP at Lake Morena, and contributing to their efforts.  Of course, 
if you are a twenty-oh-two hiker, you are absolutely prohibited from showing 
up.  (Oops, you must show up... you just can't contribute.)