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[pct-l] RE: Looking for partner for 2002 thru-hike

I'm thru-hiking, and I don't have a partner.  I'm answering on-list 'cause 
others may be wondering the same thing. 

I hiked the JMT last summer and timed it to be with some of the PCT 
thru-hikers.  What I found is that partners came and went. Some people, like 
couples, were committed to hiking the trail together.  Others were free agents, 
grouping up as personalities and itineraries meshed.  I hiked with some people 
for a few hours, some a few days, and some longer.  Sometimes it was just me, 
other times there were seven of us.  
I talked to the other hikers and read online journals that describe this 
flowing culture strung along a 3 foot corridor 2650 miles long, and they 
described what I described.  "Oh, we met in X and left on the same day."  "He's 
got to go to a wedding next week, so he's headed out early tomorrow at a fast 
pace. I probably won't see him again."

When I hiked, I didn't know this about the trail.  I really liked the dynamic. 
I enjoyed the ebb and flow of people.  It was also interesting to see who would 
wait for me, say for a half-day town stop, and who I was willing to wait for.  
I found comraderie builds quickly with the right people.

So, I don't have a hiking partner, but I'm not worried about being alone.  
Maybe we'll hike together...
John B.
Santa Cruz

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                 From: "david osborne" <dmosborne@hotmail.com>
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                 Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2002 19:35:55 -0800
                 Subject: [pct-l] Looking for partner for 2002 thru-hike

My name is David ("id" for the trail), I live in Sacramento, and I am planning 
on thru-hiking the PCT this season, <snip> I am looking for a trail partner (or 
partners) for my thru-hike.