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[pct-l] RE:Oregon in Mid May


Ashland, Oregon, in mid May is beautiful.  The surrounding area is hills and
farm land.  The higher elevations near where the PCT is located will
probably have snow on them until mid June depending on when spring arrives.
The snows up at Crater Lake usually do not clear the rim road until late
July or early August.  The bugs shouldn't be a problem.  The larger ones you
can shoot (if you have a firearm for protection) the smaller ones will gang
up on you and carry you off to become spring lunch.  Someone will find your
deflated and blood drained body in the summer with nothing but your eyes
sticking out of your head.  At least take comfort in the fact that while
they are feeding on you, they'll leave the rest of us alone.  In a normal
year, May and June are really bad for bugs in the mountains.  Carry about a
gallon of 100% deet.  Most of the skeeters around here think of it as
aftershave, but you can always drink it to put yourself out of misery.
Enjoy your time in Oregon, god counts this as time well served on earth.
Have a fun and safe time on the PCT.

Scottie Wujcik
Salem, Oregon

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Message: 1
Reply-To: "Tom Rogers" <tom-rogers@attbi.com>
From: "Tom Rogers" <tom-rogers@attbi.com>
To: "Ronald Moak" <ronm@fallingwater.com>,
   "PCT-L Mailing List \(E-mail\)" <pct-l@backcountry.net>
Subject: Re: [pct-l] A tent is born, well almost!
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2002 10:23:02 -0800

What an elegant tent!!  Just a few questions came to mind as I looked at
your photos.  Is there a no-see-um vent at the foot of the tent?  Are the
doors secured with zippers?  Have you priced it yet and will you be taking
advance orders?

This is a great addition to the growing number of choices for ultralight

Happy trails, Tom

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From: Ronald Moak <ronm@fallingwater.com>
To: "'Tom Rogers'" <tom-rogers@attbi.com>,
   "PCT-L Mailing List (E-mail)"
Subject: RE: [pct-l] A tent is born, well almost!
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2002 10:39:41 -0800

Tom ask >> Is there a no-see-um vent at the foot of the tent?  <<

There is a large No-See-Um netting window in the rear of the tent. It is
well protected but allows for good flow through ventilation. 

>> Are the doors secured with zippers? <<

There are two zippers. One on the storm door and a second double zipper on
the main screen door. 

>> Have you priced it yet and will you be taking advance orders? <<

Pricing won't be finalized until I've got final numbers from the
manufacturing and materials. The target price is for under $200. Exactly how
much is still unknown. Hopefully significantly under $200. My belief is that
going light on the back shouldn't mean heavy on the wallet.

This tent is being manufactured for two reasons.

1) To keep the cost down. They can sew them a lot cheaper than I can. Plus
I'd rather be hiking or designing other products than hunched over a sewing
2) To improve the quality. They have access to machinery I don't. This gives
you a better product at a lower cost.

However, to manufacture them, I've got to order in quantities. Higher
quantities both improve the quality and lower the price. I'm not taking
advanced orders, however I expect to have plenty of tents to meet initial
demands. There are a few folks in the queue who've been wanting a tent since
last September. 



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Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2002 11:00:37 -0800 (PST)
From: payslee <payslee@yahoo.com>
To: pct-l@mailman.backcountry.net
Subject: [pct-l] Re: Map Question

> My question is: Are there trail topo maps that are better than the
> usual USGS maps?

I like the Green Trails maps. There a lot easier to read and usually
more up-to-date than the USGS maps. You can get them at

They cover Washington and most of Oregon.


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Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2002 15:05:21 -0700
From: "Michael Arbogast" <MArbogast@vailresorts.com>
To: <pct-l@backcountry.net>
Subject: [pct-l] Questions pretaining to my 2002 thru hike...

Hello Everyone, please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Mike and
I am hiking the PCT this year. I've been lurking on this post for about
three months, gathering all kinds of good info and advice. I've been on
three long distance trips in Colorado, all between 600 and 800 miles, so
I have a pretty good idea what I'm in for. I'm getting exited about the
journey, planning and calculating, and I have a few questions I'd like
to pose to this wonderful group of hikers. 

My main concerning is transportation, either to the trail head, or
directly to the  ADZPCTKO, which I wish to attend on April 27th. Are
there anybody  near San Diego who is offering rides to the Kick Off? If
not, how feasible is public transportation? Can I take a bus to Lake
Morena? More than likely I will arrive on the Greyhound and would need
to make my way from the San Diego Greyhound bus terminal.

This next question is for PCT distance hikers who have used an alcohol
stove (cat food can stove) during thru-hikes. How readily available is
de-natured alcohol at resupply stops? I noticed that most stops have
hardware stores, where I assume I could purchase de-natured alcohol.
What about Lone Pine? Is there a hardware store there? I assume there
is, but would like confirmation. Also I noticed that there are a few
stretches around 250 miles or so, where it doesn't look like fuel will
be available at all. How much fuel should I carry for these long halls?
How much fuel should I plan on using each day? I've made a cat stove
which I used while backpacking in Hawaii, and the stove worked
wonderfully, but I never was out for more than a week, so fuel
consumption was not a concern. I'd guess I was using around 2 to 3
ounces a day. Also, I'd like to know what the best way to store this
fuel. In Hawaii I put my fuel in a 20oz. Gatorade bottle, which seemed
to work well, but I'm not entirely sure if this is safe or not. Should I
purchase a fuel bottle for white gas?

Another concern of mine is water in the desert, which I believe will be
addressed at the ADZPCTKO. (Thanks very much to Strider and everyone
else who is helping to organize this event!!) 

Thanks in advance to everyone for helping me with these questions and

Michael Arbogast    


Message: 5
From: "Tin Can Stove Man" <tincanstoveman@hotmail.com>
To: pct-l@mailman.backcountry.net
Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2002 03:32:35 +0000
Subject: [pct-l] SWM ISO aluminium cans....

Hey all yew PCT'ers,

So, I am in Oakland, Ca now, visiting my sister's house-o-breedin' (she just

had her second kid a month ago), and I figured that I would use all the 
spare time I've got these days to make a whole bunch of Tin Can Stoves for 
my list of hikers in need.  Only I seem to have come across a problem, and 
that problem is that I can't find any large quantites of aluminium cans for 
the stoves.  I mean, I guess I could buy a case of cheap beer and drink it 
all, but it seems kind of missing the point.  In my normal secret 
headquarters, which is located in an undisclosed part of the rural East 
Coast, folks are such slobs that I never have any problem locating hundreds 
of used aluminum cans-- I just pick them up off the side of the road.  But 
here in California, everyone seems to be so damn fastidious that I can't 
find any-- go figure!

So I'm writing to the PCT list, since I figure all you PCT'ers live in the 
Bay Area, and here's me question-- does anyone out there who lives 'round 
these parts (preferably Oakland or SF) have a bunch of aluminum cans sitting

around their garage that they would be willing to give to the Tin Can Stove 
Man?  I've got pretty much nothing but time these days, so I could always 
just ride my bike over to pick 'em up.  It pains me terribly to have all 
this free time, and not be able to find any cans.  I even went over to the 
recycling center in West Oakland yesterday, but no one there spoke any 
english, and my grasp of the spanish language is not sufficient to 
adequately explain the mission of the Tin Can Stove Man.  They probably 
thought I was a grade-A lunatic (which I guess in a way I am).  Anyways, if 
anyone out there has a few dozen cans sitting around their garage or 
something, drop me a line.  I'll be around for another 9 days or so before 
returning back East.

Happy Trails,

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From: "david osborne" <dmosborne@hotmail.com>
To: pct-l@mailman.backcountry.net
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2002 19:35:55 -0800
Subject: [pct-l] Looking for partner for 2002 thru-hike

Hello all:

My name is David ("id" for the trail), I live in Sacramento, and I am 
planning on thru-hiking the PCT this season, starting at the Mexican border.

  I will start at about the time of the ADZPCTKO.  I am looking for a trail 
partner (or partners) for my thru-hike.  I have been reading the list 
messages for about a month and I haven't seen much discussion about trail 
partners.  Does everyone already have one?

I am planning on hiking about 20 miles per day, with days off every 8 days 
or so (I will probably walk some on the "off days" also).  Like everyone 
else, I plan on going light.  I plan on sticking to the trail as much as 
possible, so I have chosen my resupply points with that in mind.

I plan on using the following 19 or 20 resupplies (but these are not set in 
stone): Warner Springs, Big Bear City, Agua Dulce, The Country Store on Rt. 
138, Kennedy Meadows, Muir Trail Ranch (maybe), Tuolumne Meadows, Echo Lakes

Resort, Sierra City, Belden (maybe), Old Station, Castella, Seiad Valley, 
Hyatt Lake Resort, Cascade Summit, Olallie Lake Ranger Station, Cascade 
Locks, White Pass Rural Branch P.O., Snoqualmie Pass, and Stehekin.

I am looking for people to hike with who are pretty focused and 
enthusiastic.  If anyone out there is interested, please email me.



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Message: 7
From: Bighummel@aol.com
Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2002 01:11:42 EST
Subject: Re: [pct-l] Looking for partner for 2002 thru-hike
To: dmosborne@hotmail.com, pct-l@backcountry.net


The ADZPCTKO is great place to find a partner at the last minute.  As you 
walk north from the gathering you will quickly pass many that walk too slow 
and never see again all of those that hike too fast and keep bumping into 
those that just about fit your pace.

Good luck,

Greg "Strider" Hummel


Message: 8
From: "Owen, Kim" <kim_owen@mentorg.com>
To: pct-l@mailman.backcountry.net
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2002 18:11:35 -0800
Subject: [pct-l] Ride desired to ADZPCTKO-4

Hi. My name is Kim, and I am a PCT-L lurker.
I guess that was my first step to recovery.

My wife and I hope to thru hike the PCT this year starting at ADZPCTKO-4.
We are both PCT maintainers in the Mt. Hood area, and are specifically
caretakers for the stretch between Paradise Park, Sandy River, and 
Ramona Falls ( which is now on an alternate, but highly recommended route). 

Anyway, I am sticking out my thumb for a ride from the 
San Diego Airport to ADZPCTKO, Lake Morena sometime on Friday.
We do not have tickets yet, so we are still adaptable to a potential
ride schedule. We are relatively light hikers, so we plan to have smallish 
bags, and are willing to compen$ate our ride. Any one willing to offer a 
ride may email me directly. kim_owen@mentor.com



Message: 9
From: "Robert Cunningham" <mrc237@msn.com>
To: "PCT" <pct-l@mailman.backcountry.net>
Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2002 07:48:43 -0500
Subject: [pct-l] Oregon in May

Can anyone give me some info on conditions in Ore. in mid-May from =
Ashland going North. I'd like to know what the weather is like, the =
insect population, can I expect to see other hikers and any general =
info. Thanks. I live in NY and will be in Ore for a family thing, my PCT =
plan is to hike it in sections, I originally planned to start at Campo =
but since I'll be in Ore I might as well start there.----EZ

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