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[pct-l] Hidden Dangers of the PCT

Hey, thanks for identifying the spruce grouse that could very well be
the same fearless bird that I also met just south of the Canadian
border. Unlike you, I was spared an attack and still have my shoelaces,
however I did manage to get a close picture of our feathered friend at
http://members.tripod.com/gohike/pct/wash6.html It's the fifth photo
down the page and I swear that it must be the same bird!?! :-)

Dave Brock "Lightningbolt" http://members.tripod.com/gohike

> OH NO! Bees from the south, Grouse from the north. I was >horribly and
> viciously attacked this year just south of monument 78 by an invader
> from the north. Check >out
> http://www.thruhikers.com/cgi-bin/p...dex.pl?photo=60



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