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[pct-l] a large-format Sierra map?

Hello PCT-L folks. I'm section-hiking California a bit, having knocked off
sections H, I and J so far. I was wondering if anyone has found a large
(ie: 3-foot by 5 foot) map of the entire Sierra range that shows the trail
well. The PCTA's brochure is nice, but what I was really looking for was a
larger Sierra view -- Kennedy Meadows to Lassen -- I could tack on my wall
at home and delineate each section as I complete it. USGS (we on the San
Francisco Peninsula are really blessed having a regional center in Menlo
Park) has 7.5 topos, of course. And they have a two-map topo of the entire
state, (each almost the size of a bedsheet) but it doesn't show the trail.
Would anyone know of something in between?

Thanks for your consideration. See you on the trail.

David Plotnikoff
David Plotnikoff
San Jose Mercury News
voice: (408) 920-5867