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[pct-l] Hidden Dangers Of The PCT

Oh, my.  Seeing Ben's photo has given flashbacks to both Brawny and me.  =
We, too, were savagely attacked by the Killer Grouse just a couple of =
miles south of the Canadian border on Sep. 17.  I was locked in combat =
with this trail chicken for several minutes.  The large black bear that =
tried to come into my tent with me in Yosemite was a mere wimp by =

Previously, we had seen several piles of grouse feathers in the middle =
of the trail and wondered what had happened.   I now think that several =
relatives of the Killer Grouse probably tried their tough guy routine =
with coyotes or other predators and ended up as supper.

David Mauldin
"To Walk In The Wilderness Is Freedom"

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