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[pct-l] New Balance 804's

Just picked up some NB 804's on sale for my next long hike.  I'd =
appreciate any input on how long I might expect a pair to last and how =
they fail.  In general, do they fade away gradually so you can program =
when to have a new pair in a resupply, or are there instances of =
catastrophic failures where you had to limp into town on duct tape.

Hey Brian, great to have you back on list.  I hope you can find the time =
to share some of your well earned wisdom on this list.

I, for one, value what I can learn from the experiences of others, not =
just Brian, but anyone who has walked the walk.  And I don't criticize =
anyone until I've walked a mile in his shoes.  That way, if he gets =
angry, I've got a mile head start, and I've got his shoes.=20

happy trails, Hobbit=20

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