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[pct-l] Cheap Shoes was New Balance 804's

For months I've been searching the web for discounted New Balance or Merrell 
trail shoes to no avail.  I finally found something in the price range I was 
looking for.  The  Hi-Tec Remote Low's looked good on the website and at $34 
a pair I went ahead a ordered a pair.  After trying them on a weekend hike I 
impressed enough and ordered two more pair and appartently bought them out.  
Not only are they comfortable, they appear to be well made.  Gifted with a 
resiliant ankle the last several thousand miles of hiking in trail shoes, I 
never turned my ankle once using these.  

To give you some idea of fit, I ordered them in a size 12, the same size as 
my Merrells and fit fine, but in which NB's appear a half size small.

The website also has bargins in other brands including the Montrail Vitesse, 
the shoe Brian so highly reccomends. (search under running and fitness, trail 

 <A HREF="http://store.yahoo.com/sportsbasement/ht4836.html";>Hi-Tec Men's Remote Low</A>


In a message dated 11/20/2001 1:56:40 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
tom-rogers@home.com writes:

> Just picked up some NB 804's on sale for my next long hike.  I'd appreciate 
> any input on how long I might expect a pair to last and how they fail.  In 
> general, do they fade away gradually so you can program when to have a new 
> pair in a resupply, or are there instances of catastrophic failures where 

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