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[pct-l] New Balance 804's

 NB 804 worked wonders for me last year. No catastrophic failures and they held up well. I used a pair of NB 803 from Warner Springs to Kennedy Meadows (about 600 miles) and a pair of NB 804 on to Klamath Falls (about 1000 miles). I picked up a new pair of NB 804 in Klamath Falls and wore them all the way to Manning Park (about 1000 miles).
 The biggest concern I experienced was the inside lining around the heel. It wore out fairly quickly but was easily corrected with duct tape.
 The toe area is one to keep an eye on - both pairs of NB 804 slightly separated along the front toe seam. A little Shoe Glue and duct tape made sure the small separation didn't become a gapping hole.
 The soles held up just fine. All three pairs gracefully faded away and were still usable when swapped out. I would feel comfortable programing in changes between 700 to 1000 miles.
 Good luck!
Dave "Early Bird"

Tom Rogers wrote:

> Just picked up some NB 804's on sale for my next long hike.  I'd appreciate any input on how long I might expect a pair to last and how they fail.  In general, do they fade away gradually so you can program when to have a new pair in a resupply, or are there instances of catastrophic failures where you had to limp into town on duct tape.
> Hey Brian, great to have you back on list.  I hope you can find the time to share some of your well earned wisdom on this list.
> I, for one, value what I can learn from the experiences of others, not just Brian, but anyone who has walked the walk.  And I don't criticize anyone until I've walked a mile in his shoes.  That way, if he gets angry, I've got a mile head start, and I've got his shoes.
> happy trails, Hobbit
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