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[pct-l] Congrats to Brian, but let's keep it real.

In a message dated 10/30/01 12:29:42 AM, blovis@lycos.com writes:

<< That said, I also think it's extremely premature -- and even naive -- to 
say that Brian's hike is "bringing hiking to the world stage" or "giving 
hiking the attention it deserves." If "hiking" is a race from point to point 
thru the woods, then Brian has certainly brought it to the world stage.

I happen to think hiking deserves better than this. I think Brian should have 
at least paid lip service to the fact that it isn't fun to blast thru the 
woods at 30-miles/day. In fact, I think _someone_ should have recognized the 
obvious irony of doing so. 

Just so you realize that you are not alone, Bill, I agree with the above 
points. The rest of your post was, shall we say, a bit blunt and invited 
being bashed, but hey, don't let the bashtards get you down. Ya gotta be 
prepared to take it as well as dish it out