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[pct-l] Ultralight Rain Pants & Tarps

Rainmaker writes:

"Our ultralight sil-nylon rain pants and tarps are now available at Dancing 
Light Gear.   The rain pants are the ones that Brawny designed and wore on 
the PCT this year."

Ah, that ultralight sil-nylon suit that was recognized for its innovation and 
creativity and therefore won a prize at the ADZPCTKO gear contest?  

The gear contest at the ADZPCTKO can offer you 2002+ hopefuls a big eyefull 
of ideas about gear and strategies that have worked for many.  Keep your list 
eyes pealed for details on the 4th ADZPCTKO.  It is tentatively scheduled for 
the last weekend in April, again.

Greg "Strider" Hummel
(who has just taken a new job where my office will overlook the Pacific 
Ocean.  Where my mind will wander, I wonder)

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