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[pct-l] Congrats to Brian, but let's keep it real.

bill blovis wrote:
>First of all, Brian's achievement is impressive, and he deserves 
>commendation for being the first to _attempt_ a calendar triple crown. 
>However, the magnitude of his achievement won't be known until other hikers 
>attempt it.

Bill -
They're already out there.  Three hikers started on Oct 14.  And it's not a 
"copy-cat" hike - their hike was planned before Brian started planning his.

>That said, I also think it's extremely premature -- and even naive -- to 
>say that Brian's hike is "bringing hiking to the world stage" or "giving 
>hiking the attention it deserves." If "hiking" is a race from point to 
>point thru the woods, then Brian has certainly brought it to the world 

I'll agree with Ron - you obviously don't know Brian, or what he did - or 
how he did it.  Go read his journal before you judge him like that.

>I happen to think hiking deserves better than this. I think Brian should 
>have at least paid lip service to the fact that it isn't fun to blast thru 
>the woods at 30-miles/day. In fact, I think _someone_ should have 
>recognized the obvious irony of doing so.

Again - go read his journal.  I've met Brian - and talked to him - and 
watched him field questions (including some of mine) from 100 or more people 
who know what long-distance hiking is and what it's about.  He's impressive 
- and I'm not easily impressed.

>Moreover, Brian's boo-hoo-ing about not being able to seize the day with 
>one of the many "seemingly available women," who no doubt lined the streets 
>of New England, is an even more absurd example of his adventure's hilarious 
>irony. Look, if you're going to have a chance to use the NYT as an organ 
>for the advance of the cause of hiking, don't talk about booty you didn't 
>get ... talk about the majesty of the Trinities, talk about the need for 
>volunteers in the PCT's Section O, talk about the remarkable lack of anyone 
>but white people on the scenic trails, talk about the amazing women who 
>defy conventional wisdom and thru-hike the trails solo -- GIVE PEOPLE A 
>REASON TO GET OUT THERE and hike 2 or 3 miles.

Why?  He didn't go out there to become the Saviour of the Trails, he went 
out there to satisfy a personal need and goal.  That's why most of us do 
long-distance hiking.  If you want to use the "pulpit" to promote those 
things, then go do what he did and maybe people will listen to you.  But you 
should be warned in advance that those who hike for "altruistic" reasons 
rarely finish even one trail, let alone three.  Altruism doesn't generally 
provide the long-term "fire in the belly" that's required for long-distance 

>Don't turn the scenic trails into a new stage for the breaking and 
>re-breaking of land speed records. Don't invite more ultra-marathoning 
>assholes out there. Okay, a feat like Brian's is bound to do this, but he's 
>pissing away a great opportunity to do good for the trails here, and all 
>these lists are doing is drooling all over him.

If you don't like it, then go do it your way - I think you might find that 
it's not as easy as you imagine.

>Shame on us.

On you, perhaps - for judging what you don't understand, but I won't accept 
any part of that.  Nor do I think Brian - or many of the others on this list 
- would either.

Walk softly,

"Cutting the space budget really restores my faith in humanity. It
eliminates dreams, goals, and ideals and lets us get straight to the
business of hate, debauchery, and self-annihilation." -- Johnny Hart

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