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[pct-l] h2o filters???

I currently use the Sweetwater Guardian Microfilter. It is light [11
ounces], pumps easily and will filter 150 or so gallons. Previously I have
used a First Need [ugh!] and a MSR [works well and last a long time but
heavy. When switching from the MSR to the Sweetwater I considered that the
Sweetwater plus a spare filter cartridge weighed less than the MSR. Having
just returned from a 12 day trip in the Sierra I can report that the filter
was not used up in that time even though we took no special measures to
protect it from silt and clogging.

My approach is to filter and carry 1-2 quarts of water. This works well in
the California Sierra where water is available. In the Southern Section of
the PCT, in contrast, it may be better to carry an "unfiltered" water bag of
a gallon or more and use a canteen based filter to avoid the work of
pumping. However, this would add a lot of weight for the Sierra.

I guess it matters what your hike and hiking style is.


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Howdy, hickers!  My name's Monica and I'm hiking the PCT next 
year...stumbled upon this mailing list and thought I'd jump in...

It's always fun to show up in the middle of a discussion, with no points of 
reference.  One of you is a millionaire?  Elvis is giving a free concert @ 
Crater Lake?!  All right!

Can anyone recommend a good water filter? (Mine up and died on my last 
trip--I never liked it anyways...)  By "good," I mean: lightweight, easily 
operated by one person, lasts a good long time, and doesn't require plunking

down $50 every time you need to replace the cartridge.  My last filter was a

First Need, so don't bother recommending that one! :)

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