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[pct-l] h2o filters???

Hi Monica,

I think it depends a lot on the water you'll be filtering.  Since I haven't
hiked the PCT I can't tell you exactly what you'll find, but I can point out
some differences between different filters:

(1) Though I haven't used it much, many folks seem to like the Pur Hiker.
The Hiker is fast (at least when the cartridge is new).  In my mind, the
downside of the Pur Hiker is that there is no real way to clean the filter
element... if it ever clogs up you have to replace it, which is
inconvenient.  I think that PUR guarantees their filter elements for a year,
so you may be able to get them to spring for a new element (I'll leave the
ethics of that up to you).

(2) I have, and occasionally use, an MSR MiniWorks filter.  The MSR is not
as fast as the Hiker and clogs much faster.  On the other hand, the MSR is a
cinch to clean.  If you go with the MSR, figure on cleaning it every two or
three days.  Cleaning the filter take about a minute, so it's not a big
deal.  The MSR filter uses a ceramic cartridge so you should be sure to
empty the filter (just pump it dry) if there is any chance it could freeze.

(3) My current favorite filter is a SafeWater Anywhere "expedition" filter.
This filter doubles as a one liter water bottle.  It is extremely light
weight and easy to use.  The filter is not cleanable, but it is so small
that carrying a spare would not be a problem.  I have no idea how it would
hold up to silty western streams (or filtering out of cow ponds, for that
matter).  Perhaps someone has tried it out west.  I used one on a 12 day
hike in PA last year and it held up beautifully, but six months is another

In any case, be sure to bring some form of chemical purification.  No filter
works below freezing (chemicals take longer to work in the cold, too), and
if your filter breaks you'll want to have a backup.  Also, if you use a
filter that can't be cleaned, you can keep a spare filter element in a drift
box and use iodine to tide you over.

One person's opinion.

-- Jim

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> Howdy, hickers!  My name's Monica and I'm hiking the PCT next
> year...stumbled upon this mailing list and thought I'd jump in...
> It's always fun to show up in the middle of a discussion, with no points
> reference.  One of you is a millionaire?  Elvis is giving a free concert @
> Crater Lake?!  All right!
> Can anyone recommend a good water filter? (Mine up and died on my last
> trip--I never liked it anyways...)  By "good," I mean: lightweight, easily
> operated by one person, lasts a good long time, and doesn't require
> down $50 every time you need to replace the cartridge.  My last filter was
> First Need, so don't bother recommending that one! :)
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