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[pct-l] h2o filters???

In a message dated 9/17/01 1:07:55 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
calinda4@hotmail.com writes:

<< Can anyone recommend a good water filter? (Mine up and died on my last 
 trip--I never liked it anyways...)  By "good," I mean: lightweight, easily 
 operated by one person, lasts a good long time, and doesn't require plunking 
 down $50 every time you need to replace the cartridge. >>

Hi Monica!  I like the Pur Hiker.  Cartridges are guaranteed not to clog for 
a year.  That doesn't mean they won't clog, but Pur replaced mine with no 
questions asked when I hit the cow country in Southern Oregon and was 
literally pumping out of hoof prints.  We won't dwell on WHAT I was pumping 
through the filter.  Just glad I had the filter.  Their replacement policy is 
a good deal for long-distance hikers.  I carried a spare filter cartridge in 
my drift box.  Their replacement guarantee may have changed since I bought 
mine in '99.

In '97 I carried a Sweetwater Guardian.  It worked okay but clogged easily 
and was very hard to pump.  It has some kind of ceramic filter.  

Brian doesn't like to carry the weight of a filter.  He uses Aquamira, a 
chlorine water treatment that seems to do the job for him.  I don't feel 
comfortable ingesting iodine for long periods of time, so wouldn't rely on 
iodine tablets on a hike of more than a week or so.  It may have a cumulative 
effect on your system.  These are just my opinions; I'm not the medical 
expert but I also didn't get sick on the trail.  Good luck on your hike!