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[pct-l] Food for thought

 This isn't PCt related=== Warning!!!  DO NOT READ ON!!   If people in 
America , who are nomal non-felon folks, were allowed to carry firearms,even 
on planes. Most likely 4,700 people and a few large building would still be 
OK. I wonder how those 266 dead people on the hijacked plane feel about gun 
control? Go ahead, bring a box-cutter to a gun fight!!! Even if the hijackers 
had guns, big deal as so would the 50 plus passagers and it would be somewhat 
more difficult to crash in to intented targets . Gun control only disarms 
good citizens.  250lb strong men and 110lbs grammothers are all the same 
playing field when armed. There is no reason good honest citizens shouldn't 
be able to defend themselves against robbers, thieves or terrorist.