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[pct-l] Fw: hand in there...

In a message dated 9/14/2001 5:37:59 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
jomike@snowcrest.net writes:

>  We have 2 TVs - both have been on FOX news since Tuesday, non-stop. Tuesday 
> night I laid on the couch till 3:00 a.m., terrified, horrified and yet, 
> almost numb from what we all heard and saw that day.

I had to turn FOXnews off.  It was pitiful reporting.  Did you notice their 
pictures of the World Trade Center towers were leaning (to the left, which I 
can't figure), like the building were going to fall over.  What was with 
that?  They don't report the news, their comentators only want to level 
countries now and ask questions later.

Try viewing more mainstream networks, not that any less lives were lost or 
the picture is any prettier, but atleast you'll be more likely get the better 
idea of what's really happening.


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