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[pct-l] Food for thought

Yes- it is Polliticaly Correct Trash!1 hahaha

right on bro...Texas banks dont get robbed do they?
(meaning all TX citizens can carry concealed?) does it work?


At 6:18 PM -0800 9/14/01, Montedodge@aol.com wrote:
> This isn't PCt related=== Warning!!!  DO NOT READ ON!!   If people in
>America , who are nomal non-felon folks, were allowed to carry firearms,even
>on planes. Most likely 4,700 people and a few large building would still be
>OK. I wonder how those 266 dead people on the hijacked plane feel about gun
>control? Go ahead, bring a box-cutter to a gun fight!!! Even if the hijackers
>had guns, big deal as so would the 50 plus passagers and it would be somewhat
>more difficult to crash in to intented targets . Gun control only disarms
>good citizens.  250lb strong men and 110lbs grammothers are all the same
>playing field when armed. There is no reason good honest citizens shouldn't
>be able to defend themselves against robbers, thieves or terrorist.
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