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[pct-l] Re: Canada

Thanks for saying this Eric.  We are indeed blessed to have Canada as a 
neighbor.  Canada is family and we all-too-often take our siblings for 
granted.  Like any family we sometimes have squabbles but when it really 
matters we're there for each other.  

I'll never forget the last mile before Monument 78 on the PCT (two years 
ago yesterday).  I spontaneously broke into "Oh, Canada" and sang it at 
the top of my lungs all the way to the border.   I was never more proud 
to be an honorary Canadian-for-a-day. 

>Also, it should be noted
>that the Canadian government and its people are at
>this time going to great lengths to help our country
>through this crisis, in particular housing many
>thousands of stranded travelers and lining by the
>hundreds in the streets to donate blood.  We are very
>lucky to have neighbors like these.