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[pct-l] Fw: hand in there...

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Sent: Friday, September 14, 2001 2:31 PM
Subject: hand in there...

...easy my PCT-L friend,

As an agnostic, I can really understand where you are 'coming from'.  I =
too, feel in my heart for the first time in my 53 yrs., I want hell, =
damnation and life-ending pain to come to ALL who had ANYTHING to do =
with what has hurt/killed so very many Americans, their families, their =
friends, and all of us who feel so helpless to do anything.

I have only one USA/flag type T-shirt and I've worn it daily. Hopefully =
the stores will be carrying more, soon. We have our large American flag =
flying since Tuesday w/no date in sight to remove it.  I bought American =
flag decals today and already have one on my truck and bike helmet.  We =
have 2 TVs - both have been on FOX news since Tuesday, non-stop. Tuesday =
night I laid on the couch till 3:00 a.m., terrified, horrified and yet, =
almost numb from what we all heard and saw that day.

Hang in there.  Extreme is a word I've never liked. I believe anything =
to an extreme is dangerous/frightening and the cause of virtually all =
pain and suffering in this world.  I do NOT and probably never will =
accept anything to an extreme.  I understand.

Take care, be safe, wear 'the colors', hold your family tight and do =
anything w/in your power to help our nation.  I believe in our =
President.  Its what I have to do.


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