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[pct-l] Trip Report: Tuolumne Meadows to Kennedy Meadows [HWY108]

I use a different site every night. However I hike in the summer when bear
activity is high. Hopefully a thruhiker will walk through the Sierra before
June 20

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You know that I am pro requiring bear canisters. 

The problem with the NPS thinking that they can get away with not complying 
with the order is that virtually every backpacker who has not lost food to 
bears believes that he/she can protect his/her food from bears also without 
the use of bear canisters. 


One of the main differences is, while a thru-hiker is mobile, using a 
different site every nite, you generally camp for a week at a time in the 
same spot.  Using a cannister may be the wise and prudent choice for someone

that chooses to remain idle, read, fish, cook, smell the roses and do site 
trips.  It certainly wouldn't be wise to leave your food in your tent for a 
week, especially, if you weren't right there to let the bears know that it's

YOUR food.   

For those that are leaving their cannisters open and letting the bears get 
their food anyway, that's creating another problem, where the bears that 
didn't bother with cannisters will be checking them out. 

Wouldn't it be ironic, if the next, new regulation stipulated that you had
store your cannister in a tent.  : ) 


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