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[pct-l] Report from the Outback!!

 Hot off the press!! Info from White Pass. Got to see Anne and Chicago Dave 
this weekend . Rolled up to the pass Sat. around 10:00am and saw Dave and 
Anne, did a quick trip down the hill to Packwood to resupply and ate lunch. 
Also saw Gilligian, puff and smoke-less in Packwood. Gave smokeless one of my 
Roy Robinson knock-off stoves. ( Also gave one to Gilligian as his Cole man 
Peak One died out) Drove back up to the Pass and sleep well. Up early and 
hiked past Shoe lake to Hidden Spring and met " The Waffle King" who is about 
to finish his 4th PCT thru-hike and runs a Hostel near the AT. ( He did PCT 
in 97.98,99 and this year) Last year he did the CDT and have hiked the AT 
twice.)  Then met " Drew " short for Andrew who sarted his trip April 7th and 
" Bud" who started April 2nd. Great weather today with lots of sun and no 
clouds. Saw a nice 5 point bull elk this morning at 30 yards away. Sept. is 
the best time to hike in this State.